marzo 30, 2022 María Soledad Urquieta

The Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Santiago, Chile (DIE USACH) is seeking candidates for postdoctoral positions in electrical engineering.

Currently, there is a funding form open for applications. The Electrical Engineering Department will sponsor all the applicants.

Foreign researchers who apply for a project in this call must prove residence in Chile until June 30, 2023. They must present a resident visa that must be included in the annexes section of their application. Furthermore, applicants must present Chilean residency documentation to receive the grant resources if they are awarded this call.

ANID Post doctorate Call:


·      $24.240.000 CLP (Chilean Pesos) Gross Salary per year, subject to legal discount of 12,25% taxes.

·      $4.500.000CLP per year for travel expenses and any operational cost.

·      $3.000.000CLP for installation cost. (Only once payment)

·      Main Conditions:

o   Application Deadline: April 28th 2022, 16:00 chilean time. Chile Standard Time (CLT) is 4 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

o   The postdoc should start on April 15th 2023.

o   Duration: 2 or 3 years

o   PhD must be obtained from 01.01.2019 until 31.08.2022 (recently graduated PhDs). If you became a father/mother during that period, there is an extension of 1 year, i.e. from 01.01.2018.

Link to further information:

ANID Announcement

Rules of the Contest

Research lines at the Electrical Engineering Department:

Electrical Power Systems

  • Solid State Transformers
  • Power electronics for Electromobility
  • Hardware and Firmware development of Real-Time Systems
  • Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  • HVDC and LFAC
  • Microgrids
  • Modular Multilevel Converters
  • Technical-economic operation/planning of electrical systems with renewable integration
  • Frequency stability in electrical systems with low inertia renewable integration
  • Use of data Analytics and Big Data for predictive operation of electrical systems/synchrophasors
  • Economic optimization of energy systems for air conditioning/electromobility/hydrogen/ storage
  • Development of energy efficiency technologies in the following areas: electric motors and control of industrial/mining processes



  • Optimization of energy efficiency algorithms applied to Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN: Wireless Sensor Network)
  • Minimization of energy consumption in dynamic cognitive radio sensor networks
  • Security algorithms applied to wireless sensor networks and wireless body area networks (WBAN: Wireless Body Area Networks)
  • High security medical data management system applied to ubiquitous monitoring systems for the premature detection of diseases based on a WBAN using blockchain
  • Models for the development of enabling infrastructure of Open Smart City
  • Visible light communications: Link design and applications
  • Indoor positioning (VLC)
  • Blockchain and non-binary cryptography
  • Data Analytics for Distributed Systems
  • Hybrid communications networks for 6G
  • Interference management for interference channels
  • Interference alignment
  • Lattice alignment and lattice codes
  • Wireless communications
  • Physical Layer Security
  • Channel coding
  • IoT – Wireless Sensor Networks

Automatic control

  • Robotics and Applications
  • Dynamical Systems and Applications
  • Control Systems and Applications
  • Robust control and estimation design to LPV dynamical systems, in special descriptor systems
  • Application of robust and LPV control approaches to non-linear systems.

Interested applicants and further information, please contact: